GRENTECH carries new product and solutions to appear at MWC


On February 22, 2016 MWC was grandly held in Barcelona, Spain. As the largest and most influential exhibition in the world in the field of communications, MWC is considered as the launch site and wind vane of the latest mobile communications technology in this world. More than 2000 manufacturers and hi-tech enterprises from 200-odd countries and regions in the world gathered here.

As an exhibitor at this MWC, GRENTECH appeared with new products and solutions, including smart wristwatch, LTE private network, Small Cell, DAS repeater, Antenna, passive module, Internet of Things, etc., attracting numerous operators and agents from Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa to visit and exchange with us. Among them, the smart wristwatch for health management that GRENTECH Smart recently launches is very much appreciated by customers; they speak highly of it as “being powerful, having long stand-by time and being highly cost-effective”. It represents that the work of GRENTECH smart terminal deployment is initially successful. The company will make continuous effort to make better smart terminal devices, achieve smarter interconnection and offer more wonderful user experience.

GRENTECH’s presence at MWC is just the beginning of GRENTECH embarking on strengthening self-owned brand publicity in international communications market.