Be Customer-Centered and Profit-Oriented


On January 20, GRENTECH 2016 Summary and Commending Ceremony & 2017 Work Plan Conference was grandly held in GRENTECH Building, and all the staff participated in this grand annual gathering through video connection at the main venue of GRENTECH Building, GRENTECH Science Park, 27 branch offices and other parallel sessions.

The conference unveiled its curtain cheerfully with the increasing descanting of each business unit rising one after another. Then, a video presenting summary and retrospect on the work of 2016 was played, showing the substantial achievements of the company in highlighting strategies and deepening innovation in the past year: the sales volume exceeded 3 billion yuan, and the company was appraised for eleven consecutive years as “Top 100 Enterprises in Shenzhen”, “Top 500 Manufacturers in Guangdong Province” and “Benchmarking Enterprise in Independent Innovation in Guangdong Province”. Substantial achievements from depth, scale, transformation and innovation of each business unit were displayed from multiple perspectives.

At the conference, Yu Rong, CEO of GRENTECH, assigned the business target of 2017, and Vice President Liu Qingchang, Zheng Chou, Liu Ying, Yang Jianhui, Wang Xiaoping, Gao Kaixiong and Wang Haihua, based on the annual business target of the company in 2017, introduced the business target and work deployment in the field in their charge in 2017.

CEO Gao Yingjie delivered the vital speech entitled “Achieve Transformation to Customer-Centered System, Attain Profit-Oriented Business Target”. According to Gao, the best gain of GRENTECH in 2016 is the development through innovation. Innovation brings in-depth change to the company. Through innovation seminar for more than one year, we determine the strategy of development through innovation and business plan, reset the company’s position as a wireless communication and information network service provider leading in China, and forms a business pattern in which operator business, equipment manufacturer business, government and enterprise network business stand like the three legs of a tripod, which expands the room for development of the company to a great extent. He highlighted that the company would make unremitting efforts on development through innovation, particularly, more efforts would be made on effective implementation of innovation plans.

Following the annual summary and work deployment, a grand award ceremony was held for collectives and individuals who have made outstanding contribution to the company in each field of business in 2016. Company leaders presented awards to and took group photos with 2016 Advanced Collective, Star of GRENTECH, CEO Special Award, Low-cost Technology Innovation Award, Departmental Invention Award, Master Operators, Outstanding Staff, and so on. 31 units and 177 employees were awarded by the company.

At the end of the conference, the activity “Lucky Draw to Celebrate New Year” was held, with prizes including Iphone7 Plus, Rosemunde 100% pure cashmere blanket, CBC gold card of gift money for the Year of Rooster. 485 employees won the prize, winning rate: 18%. The conference came to a successful and happy conclusion.