LoyaltySoul of GRENTECH

GRENTECH culture is the greatest inner power driving the development of GRENTECH
GRENTECH culture is the core competitiveness for the development of GRENTECH
The course of forming and developing GRENTECH culture is GRENTECH’s history of entrepreneurship

With entrepreneurial and developmental practice focusing on “years of struggle in passion, reborn from its course of life and death”,

GRENTECH cultural system with loyalty culture as its core comes into formation, along with “loyalty culture, passion culture, lean culture,

happiness culture, innovation culture”, so GRENTECH has become an enterprise with profound cultural deposits.

In October 2010, in the large-scale public appraisal on building enterprise culture in Shenzhen,
GRENTECH won “Shenzhen Meritorious Enterprise in Enterprise Culture Building
in its 30th Anniversary”
CEO Gao Yingjie won the title “Shenzhen Meritorious Person in Enterprise
Culture Building in its 30th Anniversary”

Loyalty, soul of GRENTECH;
Loyalty, huge power driving the undertaking of GRENTECH;
Loyalty, always gleaming on the banner of GRENTECH!

National Spirit (1999)
Entrepreneurial Belief:
GRENTECH, short for Chinese people, expresses entrepreneurs’ pursuit in rejuvenating the country through industry development
Implies the confidence and pride of Chinese people in their strides towards the road to rejuvenation of China.
Develop a world-level brand, win glory for the motherland!

Loyalty Spirit (1999)
The first decision since its establishment: “loyalty” as enterprise spirit and culture
Loyalty to Career     Loyalty to Collective    Loyalty to Time    Loyalty to Customer    Loyalty to Self

12-word Motto (2005)
Dedication to Progress Fairness to Truth Integrity to Power Cooperation to Victory

  • “Struggle in Passion” (2002)

    Never give up to one percent chance

    Never give up to one percent potential

    Never give up to one percent hope

  • “Desperate to Protect” (2003)
    Fight for the position of GRENTECH
    Fight for the dignity of GRENTECH
    Fight for the glory of GRENTECH
  • “Extreme Challenge” (2009)
    Challenge psychological extreme
    Challenge physiological extreme
    Challenge energy extreme
  • 2001


  • 2002


  • 2003


  • 2004

    In this 100-day tough fight

  • 2005

    We fight for the position of GRENTECH

  • 2006

    The 2006 tough fight

  • 2007

    88 Olympic sprint

  • 2008

    Master five lifelines,
    seize one chance

  • 2009

    Challenge the 60-day extreme

  • 2010

    Again in this 100-day tough fight

  • 2011

    Drive passion in 2011

  • 2012

    “Three Fights to Protect” in the Year of the Dragon

  • 2013

    GRENTECH defending war

  • 2014

    Try to win “Three Fights”

  • 2015

    Two meritorious fights to protect

  • 2016

    Learn from Chinese Women Volleyball Team to compete for the first place

  • Style of Work to “Be Tough, Be Deep, Be Thorough and Be Meticulous” (2001)

    Be Tough: be tough enough in work
    Be Deep: be deep enough in work breakdown
    Be Thorough: be through enough to study every detail in work
    Be Meticulous: be meticulous enough to implement every detail in work

  • Logic of 10,000 Details (2001)

    1 mission=100 links
    1 link=100 details
    1 mission=10000 details
    1/10,000 error= Cause of failure

  • Refined Sustainable Improvement Activity (2009-2015)

    Focus on one theme every year
    Every cadre carries out “three groundbreaking job commitments”
    Every employee carries out “less than 10 key details improvement plan”

  • Happy Growth Team Building Project (2006)

    Outdoor Sport Association, Football Association,
    Basketball Association, Badminton Association,
    Parent-child Association, Yoga Association, etc.

  • Care of Management Cadres for Employees (2010)

    Care for Competence, Care for Emotions, Care for Life

  • GRENTECH Happy Work Style (2012)

    Target drives happiness
    Enjoy happiness in passion
    No delay of work, no pressure
    Make mutual benefit in collaboration
    Tolerance to others is doing kindness to ourselves
    Less fuss, less trouble
    Be moderate in material pursuit
    Be grateful and learn how to cherish

  • Revitalize GRENTECH through Innovation (2013)

    On November 25, 2013, GRENTECH organized the launch ceremony for the innovation seminar activity. CEO Gao Yingjie gave the speech entitled “Revitalize GRENTECH through Innovation”. According to Gao, ten years has passed since GRENTECH first started business, and we are meeting with the transformation of communication industry and Internet industry. In this intensifying cross-industry challenge, innovation is the only way out for GRENTECH!

  • Innovation at three levels

    In-depth innovation, extended innovation, transformation innovation

    Forming three-level business pattern

    Maturity business, growth business, incubation business

    Establishing three-level innovation responsibility system

    The innovation seminar group is formed in the company, each business unit and each department.

    Fostering innovation genes of all staff

    Organize GRENTECH Innovation Competition
    Organize the activity “Day of Innovation Seminar”