Full-signal Device

Product Profile:
The full-signal device can simultaneously support systems of 2G,3G and 4G; it mainly aims to cover the seriously blind area in the room and

addresses the signal problem in the area of weak signals in the room.

Product Features:
· Support simultaneous coverage of 2G/3G/4G signals;
·Use high-precision base-band demodulation method to achieve synchronization;;
·It has self-excitation elimination and protection functions, reliable and highly stable; 
·The external panel is displayed on a real-time basis, and the equipment operation status can be well controlled; 
·It is optional to install antenna internally or externally, which can meet the requirement in different scenarios;
·It is easy to get installed; the device is good in appearance and highly accepted by users; 
·Low power coverage; small radiation; green and environment-friendly.

Product Application:
It is mainly applied by commercial facilities along the street, such as large supermarket, coffee house, bar, cybercafé, hair salon, convenience store, drugstore, etc.;

it can also be used to address the indoor signal coverage of commercial and residential area, such as meeting room, business hall, office, residential room, basement, elevator shaft, etc.