Broadcasting & TV Transmitter

Product Profile
GRENTECH terrestrial digital broadcasting & TV transmitter is widely used for the transmission of HDTV/SDTV terrestrial digital TV signals and broadcasting signals. It supports single-frequency network and multi-frequency network, as well as single-carrier and multi-carrier mode. It provides band width of 470MHz~566MHz, 606MHz~806MHz. It applies high-gain linear LDMO power amplifier module imported; it can serve AGC function to maintain a stable output power, which ensures stable and superb product performance.
Main Features
· Comply with the requirement of national broadcasting, film and TV industry standards GB20600-2006 and GB/T 28435-2012
· The output RF spectrum of the transmitter meets the requirement of spectrum mask according to GB20600-2006
· It applies high-gain linear LDMO power amplifier module imported
· It is designed with low power consumption on an ultra-linear basis, which improves the transmission power and reduces nonlinear distortion products
· It can serve AGC function to maintain a constant output power and ensure product stability and reliability
· It supports indication of main alarm and monitoring signals by LED lamp and LCD
· It is provided with high-power amplifier handover-mode power supply with wide range of stable voltage and high efficiency, applicable to significant supply variations
· The handover-mode power supply is output in a parallel manner, which ensures stable power supply
· Multiple lightning-protection measures are taken, and the complete machine is provided with perfect protection device;
· Full consideration is given to users’ service environment and conditions, which enables 24-hour unattended operation
· The transmitter can serve self-protection and self-diagnosis function
· The transmitter is provided with a remote and telemetry interface to monitor its operation status under remote or local mode
· It supports real-time monitoring and alarm on its operation status
· It is designed with a fan for cooling purpose
· It is intelligently controlled via full-digit panel, easy and convenient to operate
·It is designed with modular construction, and it is easy for installation and maintenance. It has beautiful and decent structural configuration