Wireless Access LTE-FI

Product Profile
On-board SGR-W500-L81a device is designed as an access product integrating LTE mobile network and WLAN. This product supports LTE network (TDD&FDD) uplink and 802.11b/g/n standard downlink access, compatible to existing WLAN service access and management mode. It is characterized by flexible arrangement, high transmission rate, high receiving sensitivity, etc. It is applicable to on-board mobile scenarios, large indoor venues, etc., and can provide basic telecom operators, personal WIFI access and public transport system with more convenient, better and quicker wireless access solutions.

Networking Application
A LTE-Fi device is provided in the bus, with built-in operator LTE networking card. The uplink is accessed to Internet through LTE return link. Without 4G network support, the device can stay at 3G and smoothly switches in the fringe area of the two networks. For the downlink, two Wi-Fi RF modules are used to mobile wireless access by the user at an access rate of 802.11n 300Mbps, providing the user with Internet networking service or access to local resources. The product has rich interfaces, and its Ethernet port can even connect the cable multi-media terminal and provide multi-media push service on the bus. As an option, it is also possible to connect multi-media push and video monitoring system through WIFI.

Product Features
· The uplink supports multi-mode and multi-band of WCDMA/HSDPA/TDS/TD-LTE/FDD-LTE, which meets 4G network standards of operators;
· The downlink supports 802.11bgn mode, 300Mbps network access;
· Support 30-50 people surfing the Internet at the same time, and there is no broadband restriction;
· Support various wireless security standards, such as WAPI/SIM/PEAP/ and WPA2, and the performance is safe and reliable;
· Define TDD/FDD network handover strategy in a flexible manner, and satisfy the needs of different areas for network coverage
· Meet the requirement of on-board customization in bus, rail transit and other transportation fields
· Support dual PORTAL authentication method: Web Portal authentication requires no installation of client software, and what you need to do is directly use Web browser to complete the whole authentication and off-line process
· Support AC centralized management and automatic version upgrade, which reduces the workload of network maintenance;