Wireless Access CPE

Product Profile
SGR-W520 series are high-performing and highly-stable 2.4 GHz outdoor terminal CPE product. This product adopts 802.11n core technology, with built-in high-gain directional dual-polarized MIMO 2x2 antenna. It provides wireless access broadband of 300Mbps. SGR-W520 applies reliable and advanced operating system with diverse functions, and provides users with wireless network of high throughput, high performance and high stability. Besides, SGR-W520 supports wireless bridging, router, WDS, etc., and can extend the scope of application. Thus, both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications are applicable.

Product Features
· The working frequency of the device is less than 2.4g/5.8g; it supports 802.11bgn mode and 300Mbps access broadband;
· The transmission power can reach up to 25dBm, and the wireless access distance can reach up to 5KM
· Built-in wireless management tool and installation tool, including site Surveying, antenna calibration, restart delay, spectrum analyzer, etc.
· It applies solid housing with the protection grade of IP65, and supports POE remote power supply