Authentication Management AC

Product Profile
SGR-WM2004-A series AC is a broadband wireless access business management platform solution developed by GRENTECH. It mainly targets broadband wireless access business operator and the enterprises with wireless access network. It can support the operation and management of broadband wireless business on an overall basis.
SGR-WM2004-A series AC can provide a variety of access networking methods, support different user access methods, and provide many network protocols and flexible charging method. It can provide flexible interface configuration and rigorous network security mechanism, in particular prevention against massive data attack. Besides, out-of-band webmaster with security means and many network management methods make network management easy to do.

Product Features
· Support local/centralized data forwarding, with two-tier and three-tier networking applications;
· Support broadband and users restriction function;
· Powerful NAT conversion function;
· Support multi-DHCP address pool;
· Support multi-Radius authentication;
· Support dual-system hot standby and N+1 mode;

Networking Application
AC can manage AP and STA wireless access, and supports WEB Portal, 802.1X and WAPI and other authentication charging methods: