Beautifying Antenna

Base station integrated antenna:
Like regular antenna, the base station integrated antenna is designed in an integrated manner (its enclosure is its cover), with guaranteed electrical and structural performance and smaller size. It is suitably used as 2G/3G/4G single-frequency/ multi-frequency integrated electrically-controlled antenna for China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom towers. It is mainly installed on building roof and on ground, so as to achieve the hidden effect as beautifying antenna and reduce public interference with the antenna


Base station beautifying cover:
The beautifying cover is made of fiberglass characterized by high wave permeability and high strength. Its appearance, size, color and the like are customizable, and can achieve good hidden and beautifying effect. It is mainly used for station renovation and new station decoration. It is installed on building roof.

Large beautifying product:
Large beautifying products mainly include high-pole lamp, beautifying trees and supporting machine room/ cabinet. They are mainly installed along the road, interchange, park, square, tourist area, etc. High-pole lamps can be used in cooperation with lighting fixture and bunch antenna. It is also possible to install integrated bunch electrically-controlled antenna for lamp post, signal post, monitoring post and the like along the street.