Indoor Distributed Antenna

Traditional indoor distributed antenna:
It is used for indoor distributed system to respond to the depth that it is impossible for outdoor macro station to cover. It is the most common indoor distributed system product, characterized by single polarization, full band and small gain. It is distributed based on point positions designed according to the plan made on a reasonable basis. Common antennas include omnidirectional/ directional antenna, wall-mounted antenna, log periodic antenna, and so on.

Residential landscaping antenna:
It is used for indoor and outdoor distributed system in the residential community to address the problem that the coverage of outdoor macro station is not wide enough due to the complexity of community buildings and that the traditional distributed system is not consistent with its decoration. Besides, residential landscaping antenna has hidden landscaping effect and can decrease public fear for electromagnetic radiation. Products include: outdoor decorative antenna, such as street lamp, spot lamp, signboard, etc., as well as indoor beautifying antenna, such as smoke detector, laminate, wall painting, etc
New and practical distributed system antenna:
MIMO indoor distributed antenna (dual polarization): It is an auxiliary product of LTE indoor MIMO technology addressing such problems as are caused by multiple antenna. New ceiling antenna: address the problem of uneven signal distribution caused by the cluster of high-band signals of traditional ceiling antenna towards underneath; rectangular beam spot-lamp beautifying spot-lamp antenna: address the problem of signal overflow interference caused by traditional horizontal beam-width within high-level coverage.