Product Profile:
A duplexer consists of a receiving filter and a transmission filter, so as to receive and transmit signals.

Product features:
· Low insertion loss, high out-of-band rejection, high insulation, good resistance against high power impact, good stability
· Small volume, reasonably structured, good temperature stability
· Multiple medium technology such as TE mode and TM mode is applied in a mature manner, and there are multiple medium-related core patents
· Core patents and proprietary technology are applied, such as drawhole, drawing die, single-sided silver plating, copper plating, surface oxidation, etc.
· There are duplexers of varying gains with or without LNA
· The first pass yield in batch production is reliably high, which ensures that all the products are traceable;
· Products with varying frequency, type and structure are available for different systems such as LTE FDD, CDMA, GSM, DCS, WCDMA, and so on

Scope of application:
Currently, the product is maturely applied in mobile communications systems such as LTE FDD, CDMA, GSM, DCS, CDMA1900, WCDMA (UMTS), etc.