Electrically-controlled Combiner

Product Profile:
An electrically-controlled combiner is to automatically track for synchronous adjustment with the varying frequency. It is used in low-loss combination of base station output signals.

Product Features:
· The frequency in cavity center can automatically adjust with the base station output frequency
· Low combiner loss can improve the amplifier utilization ratio, save energy and reduce emissions.
· The cavity temperature drift can have precise compensation automatically
· The standing wave and power at the antenna aperture is monitored and reported on a real-time basis

Product Parameters:
· Supportable system format: GSM TETRA PDT TEDS
· Combination loss: <3.3dB
· Number of combiner channels:4~6
· Maximum output power: 100W
· Interface Protocol: 485

Application Scenarios:

It is widely used I private and cluster networks such as TETRA ,PDT and private GSM, and the effect is every good.

         TETRA Electrically-controlled Combiner