Product Profile:
Remote Radio Unit (RRF) is the RF portion of distributed base station system. It is connected with the base station via optical fiber, and achieves wireless coverage of mobile network in a remote manner.

Product features:
· Energy efficiency: the application of DPD and CFR technology improves the amplifier power to 30%, which improves the efficiency of the complete machine to a great extent.
· Modular design: the application of modular design and SDR technology shortens the duration of equipment development greatly, enhances equipment suitability and saves maintenance cost.
· Flexible networking: support star networking, chain networking and ring networking. The networking method can be selected according to the actual situation, which saves networking cost.
· Baseband sharing: RRU shared baseband unit. RRU carrier resources can be flexibly configured according to the actual needs, so as to effectively address the problems such as tidal effect and improve the efficiency of spectrum utilization
· Small volume and light weight: support pole-holding and wall-mounted type, easy for construction and installation

Product Parameters:
· Supportable system format: TDSCDMA/WCDMA/TDD LTE/ FDD LTE
· Power level: 200mW~40W
· Number of RF channels: 2~8
· Networking method: star and chain networking, maximum remote distance: 20Km
· Interface Protocol: Ir/CPRI
· Protection Grade: IP67

Application Scenarios:
· Outdoor macro station coverage: it is possible to install RRU directly onto the tower through optical fiber, which can reduce feeder loss and expand coverage
· Indoor coverage: achieve wireless coverage over high-rise buildings, shopping malls, office buildings, parking lot, metro and the like by means of remote optical fiber
· Villages, towns and highway/ railway coverage: the covered distance exceeds 40Km in the case of RRU networking by cascade system, which can effectively address the problem of villages, towns and highway/ railway where it is hard to cover network due to a vast territory with a sparse population or long distance, etc.
· Special scenarios coverage: there is significant tidal effect on scenic spot, airport, etc. RRU baseband sharing and real-time carrier resource configuration can be used to greatly improve the utilization efficiency of baseband resources.