Smart City Top-level Design

Top-level design is critical to the effect of smart city construction. Without an integral top-level design, many old problems will pop up in smart city construction, such as everyone going his own way, information isolated island, redundant construction, etc., which will increase the risk of failure in smart city construction.
     GREN SMART top-level design consulting service starts from the overall requirement of urban development, carries out information coordination design from top to toe, and coordinates resources from all parties. In respect of business, data, system and technology and with overall system analytical method, efforts are made to conduct current situation analysis, target architecture design, interconnection and coordinated construction, identify the synergistic relation between businesses, synergistic and sharing relation between systems and cooperation relation between tasks, so as to eventually design a path to achieve the construction of a smart city.

      With top-level design, the final purpose is to attain three objectives:
      (1) Achieve collaborative sharing and coordinated construction of information system in government, enterprise, society, etc.;
      (2) Facilitate data sharing, system interconnection and business collaboration of information systems between governments at higher level and governments at lower level;
      (3) Identify the next step to achieve regional informatization in respect of development direction, implementation strategy and job standard.